My YOGA Journey

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

The Bhagavad Ghita

Yoga is not a religion. Yoga is a science, a science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind and soul.


So yeah I'm totally trying to work on my fitness this year. I even started to lose my baby fat (yes my baby is three years old SUE ME lol. However, I found it extremely hard going to the gym & "Fake" working out lol. I was so lost in the gym and to be honest totally uncomfortable. 

Maintaining an exercise routine can bring positive changes to an individual’s quality of life and happiness.  All forms of fitness assist in healthy living, given the exercise routine is safe and the instructor is well trained.  Moving the body can be beneficial for the longevity of joints, muscles, spine, and other functions.  Movement is necessary, as a sedentary lifestyle can increase muscle deterioration and lack of energy, especially as the body ages.   Bone protein changes with age and that aging bone becomes more fragile and less able to perform every day movements.  Working out on a daily basis, boosts energy levels, increases bone strength, and overall health. 

There are many forms of fitness out there and finding the right exercise routine for an individual’s body is essential.  



Why Yoga?


Everyone can practice yoga

With advice of a physician and choosing the appropriate yoga style, the practice is accessible to most people.  Babies, children, teenagers, adults, and older populations can all benefit from yoga.  Yoga has its physical asana (postures) but meditation, pranayama (breath regulation), and restorative postures are valuable for overall health. 


What workout allows the practitioner to “sleep” at the end?  Savasana = adult nap time.  A yoga class provides challenging asana and breath work, followed by a 3-5 minute savasana to enjoy the benefits of the class.  The challenges of life can be stressful and finding time for a peaceful moment can be difficult.  Savasana gives the student a chance to find that peace for a few minutes during the day. 


Relaxation can occur during a yoga practice and/or experienced after the class is over.  There is a relaxation component to yoga that calms the nervous system and relieves stress.  Restorative yoga is a practice devoted to relaxation which is highly beneficial to health and wellness.  In a practice that requires strong asana, feeling relaxed may come after the class is over.

Weight Free

Yoga is a personal experience involving bodyweight for strength building.  It is accessible in unique spaces such as hotel rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and outdoors.  The combination of stretching, toning, strength building, cardio, and meditation delivers a well rounded workout routine. There is emphasis on individualized progression depending on the body type.  A personal practice depends on how the individual is feeling that day. 

Gym Free

The gym experience is different than a yoga studio even if that facility offers yoga.  Most gym environments are not comforting or serene.   Gyms can have loud disturbances and a cold overall esthetic.  Depending on the yoga studio, it can offer a tranquil and calming experience. 


Breathing is important to our overall health and mood.  Yoga trains the body to breathe deeply and strengthens the diaphragm.  Emphasis on breathing is yoga.  That is the yoga that should be practiced daily.


Balancing challenges the body’s center of gravity and equilibrium to the earth’s gravitational pull.  Postures that require balance on one leg such as tree pose or lunges, warrior postures, and use of opposing limbs for balance, changes the mind’s perception.  These actions help to improve the communication between the brain and the musculature of the body.  Balancing postures require more physical strength to hold the body upright which burns calories.  Burning calories and challenging the mind is an ideal combination. 

Healing pain

Under the guidance of well trained instructor, yoga can heal pain or injury upon the doctor’s recommendation.   

Yoga offers physical and mental benefits creating a well rounded practice.  Alone or combined with other fitness routines, yoga is one of the best forms of physical activity.  It can alter decision making for the better in regards to eating, taking care of the body, and treating others with compassion. With that said, it is important to note that not all forms of fitness are for everyone.  If it is not yoga, find an enjoyable routine that moves the body and creates a lifetime of health and happiness. 

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