Stepping out my Comfort Zone...My First Hiking Trip!

Meet Asia The Hiker 


If anyone knows me they know I’m the most Girly Girly there is. I don’t like getting  my hands or feet dirty, I rarely go outside unless I’m walking to my truck & I hate bugs.

       Well not only was I outside but I had the most amazing time ever hiking an amazing Trail in Greenville, SC. My original plans were to drive to Atlanta, GA to Stone Mountain to enjoy the city & all the beautiful scenery but of course my anxiety wouldn’t  allow me to drive in that mess of traffic. Listen hunni Atlanta traffic is real & scary I wasn’t ready *in my Kevin Hart voice*. So I asked one of my friends to road trip with me to this trail closer to home it was amazing.  

The New Plans

Our original plans were to hike this 2 mile trail to this waterfall that we googled. We actually passed by Wildcat Falls on the way to this other trail & was like we’ll stop by on the way back.  

Well, Apple maps failed me big time. We were lost on this narrow road going up hills in the middle of NO WHERE.  45 mins wasted & on the way back down our cell phones lost service so we were basically lost, in the woods  and about to die (I started panicking inside) I clearly watch to much tv.

Nonetheless we made it out the woods & back on the main road  



Wildcat Falls- Cleveland, SC 

This spot is super cute & can be seen right off the main road you basically can’t miss it because it’s always cars outside the road.  


The Lower Falls  


The lower section of Wildcat Falls, can be seen right off the highway. No hiking is required to enjoy this portion of the waterfall. Being the new adventerous Asia that I am we decided to hike the trail since we couldn’t do the 2 mile hike originally planned.  The falls are broken up into the lower falls and the upper falls. 

To get to the Upper Wildcat Falls we had to climb these amazing stone stairs talk about working my calfs out. So many times during this hike I thought about turning around or giving up but A.) I had to hike back down so it wasn't no giving up & B.) I was already to far to turn around getting to the top of Upper Falls was my Ulitmate Goal & I was determined to reach it. 

The Upper Falls


The Upper Wildcat Falls are breathe taking. It's a 100 foot free fall & climbing the upper falls was very challenging and scary. While climbing the upper falls you see all the warning signs about how dangerous the falls are and how slippery the rocks are. While climbing we even ran into a couple who said they had climbed to the very top of the falls IN JEANS  & in my head I'm thinking LIE there's no way yall climbed these rocks in jeans and flip flops and are living to tell the story but whatever Live Your Lie lol. The Upper Falls were so peaceful and quiet. Then we had to climb back down (OH GREAT) I recommend if going to Whitecat Falls that you wear clothing, sneakers  that you don't mind getting wet. Luckliy I had on a pair of sneakers with no socks so the cool water in my shoes were really comfortable and refreshing. The trail is also marked with yellow paint so every couple feet you see it marked on a tree to ensure you that your headed in the right direction. I can't tell you how many times I thought I was lost & had a mini panic attack in my head lol. 

Uncomfortable but Comfortable 


Deciding to go hiking was always something I wanted to do. With life happening I finally decided to stop talking about what I want to do & just simply doing it. I stepped out of my comfort & really enjoyed myself. Getting intune with nature & all it has to offer. From the dead trees to unique flowers. Overcoming my fears of outdoors while climbing rocks, walking through streams of water & even getting my foot wedged in between rocks YALL I swear I thought I was a gonner like I just knew I had twisted my ankle and my foot was stuck in between the rocks & now my foot had to be abutated off (IM DONE WATCHING GREY'S ANATOMY) I freaked out in my head for 2.5 secs then I pulled my foot out of the wedge and kept it moving. 



My future plans as a hiker because YES I hiked one trail & survived I am now a Hiker I'm currenlty researching my next trail and adventure. Stay Tuned.