Setting Boundaries for Your Kids


I have a six and three year old and to think how cruel the world can be is scary like seriously I want to lock them in the house until their 18+. Unfortunately I can’t but what I can & have done is educated them both on setting "Personal Boundaries & Rules."


According to the legal dictionary Child molestation is a crime involving a range of indecent or sexual activities between an adult and a child, usually under the age of 14. In psychiatric terms, these acts are sometimes known as pedophilia.


 Ages 0-19 are critical for most parents. The age when your kid is 100% dependent on you to keep them out of harms way. 


93% victims know their perpetrator. Be very selective with who you bring around your kids. 



“Personal Boundaries & Rules” 

Im not sure about any other Mommy but I’ll be locked under a jail if someone touches or harms by babies I’m mama bear on overload. 


To advoid doing my 25 to life bid at the nearest woman’s institution I figured I’d retouch the topics with my girls  & educated my mommies on the importance of talking to our kids.   


5 Topics you should cover with your kids.  

  1. Personal space/ comfort zone
  2. Pay attention to the Warning Signs  
  3.  Private parts = OFF LIMITS 
  4.  No secrets 
  5. Your Safe Crew 


Personal space/ comfort zone

Allow your kid to have control over their body and emotions. They should know they don't have to kiss, hug or touch anyone they aren't comfortable with. Never force your kid to give someone a hug or kiss if they tell you no. Respect your kid's personal space and comfort zone.

Warning signs

Pay close attention to your kid's behavior changes. Some kids may be one distant or even act out. Take it as a cry for help. If your kid doesn’t want to go somewhere or do something that isn’t out the normal routine pay attention to who is there or what has caused this sudden change of attitude.

Private Parts = OFF LIMITS

 No one is allowed to touch your private parts. At no point we play, touch, look at others private parts. Educate your kids on their private parts and the proper names for each. If someone asks to see or touch your private part tell them NO & tell an adult as soon as it happens. 

No Secrets  

Let your kids know that in your family there are NO SECRETS. If someone asks them to keep any secrets they tell an adult.  

Your Safe Crew  

 Every child should have a safe crew. Your kids Safe Crew should consist of five adults they can go to if they feel scared, sad or uncomfortable. As your kids get older they learn how to trust more people and open up more. By creating a Safe Crew it allows your kid to build that trust with adults other than their parents. 


As a mother, we want nothing more than to protect our kids from harm's way. Educating not only yourself but your kids is a key element in protecting your family. Following these five steps plus many much more can help reduce the rates of child abuse in the future. 

Be sure to Share the List of 5 Topics you should cover with your kids with your friends, family, and social networks. Spreading the word as much as possible can possibly save a small young innocent's child life from being ruined.