Mom of The Month Award



Why Mom of The Month?

One year for my mothers birthday my sister and I pitched in to buy my mom what we believed to be the BEST birthday present EVER. A customized trophy with the words engraved Best Mom Ever. Seeing the smile on my mom's face meant so much to us. While watching her smile I couldn't help but think to myself when I get older and have kids I hope my kids are dope enough to get me a personalized trophy for being their Mom of the year lol.

As a mother, we may often feel like we don't receive enough recognition for all we do. Well, let me not speak for all mothers but, I know I'm 100% guilty of feeling this way. I sit sometimes and wait for a pat on the back or a good job mom but then I have to remember Hey this is your job and responsibility as a mom hunni lol. Then I pat myself on the back and keep it moving.  

Dear Moms "Mom of the Month Award" is just a small random token of appreciation from a mother to a mother. 

How are the Moms chosen? 

 Mom of the Month award is based on nominations. However, moms, you are more than welcome to nominate yourself. There is no rule on who can nominate who.

Also once your nomination is submitted the mom is locked in our Nominee list for the entire year so the chances of being chosen are greater. 

What does the Mom receive?

Each mom will receive an amazing Mom Trophy, Mom of the Month Certificate and a Mama Wellness Box from Peacefully Empoweredis .

The Mom will also be featured on my website of our Mom of the Month Section for the entire year.

Where can I submit a nomination form?

The nomination form is available on my website.