Gas Tank On Full!


How happy I am to be about 90% back like myself. The flu came and sucked the soul out my body. If anyone has ever experienced the flu you know exactly how I felt. It started out with just a simple headache and by time I had noticed I was seriously sick I was so dehydrated I had to get fluids from the hospital. (yikes)  

Fast forward to my recovery & I’m Extremely Happy!

I missed a week of work, school & blogging but


Today I decided to take things slow & get back in the groove of things. I did ponytails, bath time, dinner & prepping for Monday for my girls by 6:00 pm lol. I was determined to get back into the swing of things. Probably a little to determined because they were looking at me crazy like Mommy it's not bed time yet. 

After I had gotten my household together I told myself a lot of

Self Care, Self Love was needed! 


I started off with an amazing bubble bath. Funny I didn’t have any bubble bath but my girls Dora the Explorer bubble bath worked just fine. I recommend ONE bubble bath a week ladies. Just soaking & relaxing!  No phone, No distractions, just Relaxing. 


Next I got my favorite cup of hot tea.  I’m currently banned from coffee until I get well enough hydrated so I don’t want to talk about it  because I’m extremely bummed & suffering from withdrawals. I also ate my favorite doughnut from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts the  New York Cheesecake which was  simply amazing. 


Next I finally sat at my desk for the first time in what seemed like forever. 

Awwwww how I missed my little corner. Sitting at my desk I looked back on all the goals I had set for myself for the month of January & how I clearly was no where near achieving them. Looking harder I realized I was also missing my

“Mommy Me Time”.

After being sick I realized I need to take better care of myself. I was so focused on making sure everything was in order I forgot the one main thing that needed to be in order ME! 

My body tank was on empty that Tuesday of the week I got sick but I kept telling myself I can make it to the station. Not only did I run out of gas by that Thursday I had blown a transmission, radiator & head gasket.

 (side bar: I know absolutely NOTHING about cars but I always seem to know when something is majorly wrong with one lol)  

I told myself & God because when your really really sick & feel like your on your death bed God is the only person you want to talk to. I vowed when I got better I would take better care of myself. I could never let my body run out of gas again. 

My list of Self Care along with my 30 Day Mom Challenge should definitely help keep my gas tank past full.  

My Self Care List

  • Drink more water (  I love the huge bottles of smart water)  
  • Practice Yoga (amazing app I downloaded (Breathe) it even has yoga you can do with the kids. 
  • Exercise   (I wanted to put more but in order to put more you have to first do something lol)  
  • Eat healthy (food & I have a love/hate relationship but I have got to do better)  
  • Cut back on coffee (sike I can’t)  
  • Relax more
  • Stress Less (Stress is Real, as a adult the #1 thing we do is Stress)  

  What are some Self Care things on your list?



 I'm so determined to get 100% back better & healthier nothing is worst then being a sick mommy.

January may be almost over but I have my full tank of gas & I'm racing to the finish line.  

Bring it on February.