Bucketlist 2018


2017 was amazing & Blah all at the same time For Me.

Yes, I accomplished many goals I had set for myself but my life still lacked that “Spunk” I desperately needed. Creating my guide for my "Best Year Ever" I had to reflect on my past year. After reflecting & looking back I begin to become depressed. My 2017 was Blah, boring & completely dull. It was then I vowed to not only make 2018 my best year ever but I vowed to never have another dull, boring, BLAH year!



I have this amazing woman I follow on Instagram by the name of Karina.

Instagram @Bucketlist_memoirs .

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I love Karina's instagram & blog. Karina's bucketlist is amazing & what actually inspired me to want to create one for my family & myself. Watching Karina travel with friends or alone seems amazing. Karina's bucketlist is filled with fun, adventueous things & she's totally crossing off items off her list. 

Meet Karina


My name is Karina and I’m 27 years old. I'm adventurous but I was a late bloomer so my travel experience didn't begin until 2014 with a family trip to the mountains. I’m an advocate for the homeless by day and an aspiring bucket list blogger by night. As a Homeless Services Coordinator with a local non-profit, I collaborate with agencies that provide services to individuals experiencing homelessness. This means that I have the best job ever! Every day, I go to work knowing that I am the voice for people who are often overlooked in our communities. Though I am passionate about advocating for the homeless and educating the community on issues surrounding homelessness, it can be very stressful so I spend my weekends relaxing if I'm not traveling.I currently live in Columbia, SC. I love Columbia but it’s pretty boring (or maybe I'm the boring one) so I enjoy traveling to other places when I need my fix of excitement and spontaneity. I love traveling! Did I mention I love traveling?! I'd love to be able to integrate my passion for ending homelessness and traveling into a job that provides a steady income. For now, I have a full-time job that typically doesn’t include traveling to a secluded island whenever I please. I did not win the lottery and my parents aren’t rich. I am just an awesomely adventurous 27-year old who happens to be an aspiring bucket list blogger.

Instagram @Bucketlist_memoirs .

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So far here is a snippet of our Bucketlist 2018

  1. Go to London
  2. Get family passports
  3. Visit New York City as Tourist
  4. Take Family Photo in front of White House
  5. Family Trip to Disney World
  6. Ride in a hot air balloon
  7. Visit Grand Canyon
  8. Visit Canada (Toronto)
  9. Visit Asia 
  10. Ride a horse
  11. Become fluent in Spanish
  12. Practice Yoga
  13. Take Family Holiday Photos (Every Holiday)
  14. Go on a picnic
  15. Put a lock on London Bridge
  16. Read a book each month
  17. Collect Starbucks cups from every state
  18. Get a Pet (dog)
  19. Get Camara, Tripod, etc
  20. Adopt a Road
  21. Visit cabins in Tennessee
  22. Family Outdoor Camping Trip
  23. Road Trip in a RV

Two months down in 2018 & I've accomplished not one single thing on our list (huge bummer) but the Flu Season came & swept all the life out of me for the most part of January but I'm back. 


Follow along to witness our Bucket List Journey and hopefully start your own list. I'm excited and nervous about this list but what's life without a little butterflies in your stomach. 


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