27 Dates of Love


February the month of LOVE. I’m a firm believer of is my Tank Full! Self care, love, life, peace, etc (disclaimer I refer to my "tank” for everything.)

If you haven't already head over & check out my most  recent post about my "Self Care Tank".But before  I jump into details about my love tank & my significant others love tank I first recommend purchasing and reading this months Book of the Month "The 5 Love Lanuages". I started reading this book in the fall but didn't get a chance to acutally finish reading it but from what I read so far it breaks down why couples fail and how to love your partner based off their love lanuage. 

 Stay tuned for the book review at the end of the month. 


I know our love tanks are suppose to be runneth over with love but hey sometimes it gets a little empty. 

It’s Life! 

Your love tank is what keeps you happy! It’s what fuels your relationship.

Love Tank Full = Over joyed with love! 

Love Tank Empty = You feel unloved, sad!  

      Ask yourself how do you like to be loved?  

After reading the first few chapters in The 5 Love Languages I learned about the different ways people like to be shown love.

I immediately spotted out my love language & also my boyfriends love language.

My love language  

I’m a show me lover. I like to be touched, cuddled, snuggled, kissed & etc. Basically if you love me show me lol.  

My boyfriends love language  

Totally different from me my boyfriends love language was communicating. Spending that one on one just conversing with one another was his love language. No distractions, phones, tv just us.  

How do you blend them both? 

Ummmm idk I’m not a therapist lol


That’s a task we’re still trying to manage however right now both our love tanks are on Empty! From me being sick half the month of January & him having to pick up the slack we’re one notch away from running out of gas. 

My solution for filling our love tanks up is my 27 Days Of Love. Since February is a shorter month I figured this is the month we can spend that time gassing each other back up. Not sure how many we’ll get accomplished I plan to Date Night ever chance we get lol.  


Check out & download the 27 Dates Of Love List Filled With Random Date Night Ideas!

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