Yes, I love to hear about how little John John made the basketball team but I thrive on hearing how amazing a woman is personally in her life. I know from first hand how often a mother can get so wrapped up in life she forgets to boost herself up, brag a little about herself. 


One day I had the pleasure of holding a very interesting conversation with a mother like myself. She went on to tell me about her kids, their accomplishments, things she struggles with as a mother and so on. Halfway through the conversation, I stopped her and said brag about yourself! She looked at me confused. I said you bragged & boosted up everything in your life except yourself. Brag about yourself.                                                

From their, our conversation took a sharp turn. I learned she been meeting their family budget each month, made the deans list in school, recently got a small promotion at work & her fiance & her finally set a date for their wedding. After we were finished talking she smiled at me & said its been a long long time since I got to brag about myself. Thanks, Asia.


                  #BRAGABOUTYOURSELF 💁🏽‍♀️

                                  I ❤️ it! 


This is your chance to brag about yourself no matter how big or small it may be.



Well here I am rooting my own horn *toot toot*


Soon to be 28 years old (BIRTHDAY DECEMBER 10TH) mother of two, full-time student, full time worker, full time girlfriend, blogger, founder of Dear Moms, who manages to do two loads of laundry a week & have both the loads folded & put up before it's time to wash again *boom* Drops mic walks away! #BRAGABOUTYOURSELF