100 Blessing Bags for The Less Fortunate



For the holidays I thought how can my organization and my daughters business give back to the community.? The idea of a holiday driver crossed my mind and so did feeding the homeless. I decided I would sit down one day and look into either event.

        One day we were riding downtown Columbia, SC  and my oldest daughter Payden was looking out the window as we passed a homeless shelter. She immediately started with the 21 questions of why there were so many people just standing outside. I explained to her that not everyone is as fortunate as she is to have a roof over her head and home cook meals. It was then I begin to think WOW my six year old has no clue that there are people in the world who don’t have a place to sleep at night and food to eat. I asked her did she know what homeless people are and her answer was no. Of course I knew it was my job to teach her so when we got home that night we sat down so I could explain to her in depth about homelessness and the less fortunate. We sat on the couch and went to every kids favorite website YouTube. I typed in Homelessness in the USA and the videos began pouring in. We watched a few videos that had here looking but this one particular video caught her attention. This video was based off of a six year old African American girl in Los Angles, California that was homeless. After watching the documentary I asked them what could we do to help the homeless. Of course my baby said buy them toys lol but Payden and I came up with the idea of creating these Blessing Bags. We researched the most common items homeless people need and generated our list. 100 Blessing Bags is our goal. To package and hand out 100 Bags. Throughout our local communities we can make a difference and put a smile on someones face. 



We have asked our local business for donations, along with our community for Support. 

Help us Reach our Goal of 100 Blessing Bags 

Contact Asia Fogle (704) 352-5510 or asiafogle@dearmoms.org for More Information