Business Owners at Ages Six and Two


 The Two little people who have the pleasure of calling little ole me Mommy. Before I go through my whole spill about how amazing my kids are because they really are let me first start of by saying I didn’t want kids. Growing up having kids or a family never crossed my mind. In fact to be completely honest I’m very afraid of kids their just to honest for me.

 Fastforward six years later and here I am with two beautiful girls.  

My oldest daughter Payden Ja’Nia is a six year old first grader at Marshall Elementary School.

      My youngest Laila Monee is a vibrant 2 year old full of personality.

As a parent I’m always trying to find ways to teach my kids life lessons.  As a family this past summer we created the wonderful brand entitled @sistersisterlemonade stand.  On Saturday mornings we set up shop & go to selling our famous lemonade cups for $1.00.

Payden in charge of the fixing the lemonade and passing out the cups. While Laila is in  charge of the money. A two year old in charge of money sound ridiculous right? WRONG my two year old made sure you gave her the Monniess as she called it. 



Having the lemonade stand this summer taught my girls the importance of working for what they want and the value of money. I’m a firm believer that you work for what you want so what better way then to teach my girls then set up there very own business. With their earnings from the Lemonade Stand they were able to get clothes for back to school, small toys and help fund our small late family vacation to the beach.

  Our latest lemonade stand was set up to collect donations for Hurricane Irma Diaster Relief where we raised over $300 dollars and from there we purchased a variety of non perishable items to place in our donation box to ship off to the vicitims of Hurricane Irma. 

Sister Sister Lemonade is not about the money but simply teaching my daughters how to become women.  Next summer we plan to set up our stand again and expand our menu. 

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