Why I Started Dear Moms?

Everyone has a story. It's how you present it to the world and make the most of it that counts. I started Dear Moms as an outlet for mothers to come together to network amongst each other. Currently studying for my Bachelors in Business at Charleston Southern University, working full time, and working on Dear Moms my schedule is jammed packed. Just like most mothers, I often feel overwelmed or guilty. Overwehlmed by my personal, professional goals and tasks I want to complete on a day to day basics or guilty because I feel bad to wanting to do such things and feel as if I'm neglecting my children.I finally found a way to balance both feelings and survive. Want to know my secret??

I gave myself permission to take off my super woman cape because no one expects me to be super woman except myself. I started to balance my life better by planning ahead and setting aside time to acheive all y goals I had set for mysefl for the week. I'm not here to become Super Saving Mommy becuase it's still a lot I struggle with on a daily. I'm here to bring mothers togther to network, share wonderful advise on how we all can enjoy our lives a litle better.