– Asia  Fogle–

[ A Love affair with Coffee, Yoga & herself ]


 28 year old Mommy, full time worker, student & Business Woman!

28 year old Mommy, full time worker, student & Business Woman!


Who am i?

Hello, my name is Asia pronounced just like the continent you would be surprised at how many people. 
a. Chop my name completely up
b. They don't have a clue about the seven continents lol

 I love coffee, yoga, anything that involves me practicing Self-Care, supporting business women like myself and binge-watching The Office on Netflix. I'm a 28-year-old mommy of two very active and busy girls ages seven and three. I'm from a very small town in South Carolina called Orangeburg. The only way someone can remotely understand where I actually live is by saying in 45 mins from Columbia SC the capital, 1 HOUR away from Charleston SC or 2 hours from Charlotte Nc lol. Currently, my small town doesn't have a Target or Starbucks so YES I'm currently dying to make a change of scenery soon to one of the three closest cities. I'm currently in school pursuing my Bachelors in Business at Charleston Southern University online, I also work full-time as an Admin Assistant.

My life is super busy and hectic but through it all, I always make it my mission to have a little Asia Time. Practicing healthy Self Care habits became extremely important to be after going through what I call a late 20's mid-life crisis mixed with a little depression. Going forward I vowed to myself to enjoy life & give myself the same love and energy I give from my loved ones. 

I deserve nothing less.