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Mrs. Sonia was nominated for Mom of the Month by her daughter Nykia. When asked why her Sonia should be nominated for Mom of The Month Nykia responded her mom should be Mom of the month because she is the epitome of love, strength and making a way out of no way. I’m often times at a lost for words and will never have enough thank you’s for the life she provided for my sister and I.

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Shannon was nominated by her good friend Whitnee Clark.When asked why Shannon should be Mom of the Mom Whitnee replied Shannon should be Mom of The Mom because she demonstrates all the great qualities of a mom! She's a very loving and patient with her son Christopher and is also very proactive at his daycare. 

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Raven was nominated by her good friend Heather Mitchell. When asked why your nominee should be Dear Moms Mom of the Month Heather responded Raven has always been the type of person who believes in the evolution of the black community. She founded The Melanin Mama Inc. to help bring awareness to black mothers across the globe because black women have the highest infant mortality rate due to lack of knowledge. She spends countless hours researching and studying to help other black mothers like herself. Now with a following of over 4,000 members and counting, she is changing lives of black mothers one baby at a time all whilst being a mother to her 11-month-old daughter, a wife, and a full-time worker. 

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Jessica was nominated by her new husband Willie Rivers. When asked why your nominee should be Dear Moms Mom of The Month Willa responded My wife and I grew up together and  I watched how great she was with her sisters and other children. I also saw how good she was with her disable Aunt. We were always friends and then we went our separate ways. As a single mom with three kids she made sure she had her own and that her kids didn’t go without. Even raising a kid with special needs she stayed strong for them. When we got together she still put the kids first no matter what. They never knew the sacrifices she made cause she kept pushing still to this day she always makes sure they don’t go without. Late nights I see her go to their room just to make sure she kiss them on their forehead and makes sure she always says her prayers with them. The love she has for them and the bond reminded me when I was little with my mother even though she couldn’t afford the finer things for her kids she still manages.